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You have lost me
Lost me for these hollow bodies
Lies, a life in defense
to apologise for the cruelty
inflicted by another
served to you
the opportunity to destroy a life
to participate
just for pure pleasure
consume the act
you do not have to see
the aftermath
it is coming for you
and it has always been here
for me
my headaches are your aspirin
my cancer is your chemo
such a weak sound
to describe the act
of eating someones heart
still beating
not to leave them
not to stay
just to consume
and suck their spirits dry
until their bodies are hollow
and your beast nourished
left behind with
a piece of your psychopathy
stuffing each shattered heart
where you have torn out
trust and love
faces petrified
killing your sickness
and know that you have lost me
but you will be the one